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PCI is an internationally renowned Golf Development Consultancy which specializes in delivering world class owner representation that is customized, strategic, analytic and objective.


With over 30 years experience and 130 golf courses and acclaim as the former US Golf Course Builder of the year, PCI is renowned as a global expert and opinion leader in all aspects of golf development and is regularly asked to contribute to leading trade publications, university programs and seminars.


PCI expertise is in the technical aspects of designer evaluation, golf functionality; design quality, feasibility, and efficiency; and technical soundness over the course of planning, design, and implementation.


PCI Principals live full time in SE ASIA enabling rapid response time to any issues as they arise.

Owner Representation

Designer Evaluation

Market Assessment

Policy and Regulatory Assessment

Oversight of the development of the design and civil engineering programs

Oversight of the implementation of the design and civil engineering programs

Coordination of designers, program consultants and project managers

Assistance with Audubon and Geo Certification

Monitoring Programs

PCI brings decades of highly technical golf development expertise along with an uncommon ability to effectively communicate “cross culturally” for the development of successful custom programs that uniquely suit each select client.  PCI is pro-active in all aspects of administering project programs, with ready analytically based solutions to unexpected situations as they arise.  PCI’s strategy for success is time tested in Asia.

Builds the team of experts around the Client’s Team

Works within client’s existing Corporate Culture

Right Balance Foreign experts and local talent

We think globally

Project Control International is Asia's only Concierge Level Golf Consultancy - combining state of the art technical and strategic owner advocacy with advisory services which promote cross cultural synergy and world class golf development. PCI supports the owner initiatives with promotional and marketing campaigns through its strategic partnership with Dragon Rock, LLC.

With the corporate offices in Bangkok, Thailand and their Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise WOFE (Kunming Beichen Consulting) in China for over half a decade, PCI is positioned to know intimately the ins and outs of how to council owners, master land planners and local governments about how to best incorporate golf routing to maximize resources and revenues while strictly adhering to the local rules of compliance regarding infrastructure mandates, government regulations, environmental concerns and maintenance of cultural venues. It is this unique positioning which allows PCI to serve in the capacity as not only the best possible Golf Development Consultancy available in Asia, but as a Cross Cultural Consultancy which is well positioned to advise Asian owner/developers and international consultants so that the collaboration is efficient, mutually respectful and, ultimately, successful.

PCI has become known as a company which builds consensus, bridges cultural divides and succeeds in delivering consistently successful projects.